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08 November 2013 @ 10:47 pm
Hey hey!
I thought last year was terrible, but since last October 5th, the day after my last post, it went much worse.
Well, well, I haven't been on the Internet for four weeks since then, and I'm so sad to see I've received so many messages that I was unable to respond to on time and immediately. Even old messages. I'm setting to work on that now, but I won't be posting as Much anywhere in any of my accounts, what with life and all. Agh.
I think life decided these trials are jusssttt about right to appear during my pre college years. Great. Hope I get to graduate with these harsh conditions I'm in. Ahhhhhgh.

But I'll try and reply to all messages and such. Yep yep. I'm just sorry I won't reply as fast anymore.

How are all you Hyphens doing, by the way? I've purchased all three versions of their kusabi album and followed Koki's twitter just now. I'm still shaken, but we can still do it! Let's hang in there for them:))))
I hope you are all doing better than I am!
04 October 2013 @ 09:30 pm

OMG TODAYS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





To Ueda Tatsuya:

Gosh, I remember thinking last year that it was still a long way away but now its here, Uepu!
Happy Happy Birthday to you, the man who without a doubt is my one and only special obsession (mwahaha) and idol.
I recall all the times I've been judging and loving you since the time I discovered KAT-TUN. I was skeptical and critical of you at first; you seemed to me like a weird and boring person. I curse myself for even thinking that now though, honestly, I still do criticize you. But now I understand more about you. I understand why you act like so and honestly it endearing and charming in its own way. You make mistakes, you have faults, you're unique and different and indifferent yet cheerful and childish. As of late and even since last year, I have named you my idol whomever asks. Of course, I support KAT-TUN as a whole, and it is true that when I say I love them equally I mean it with extreme seriousness. But you have a special place in my heart; for you're the one that I was attracted to first, and my gate to the reason for what I am now.
It sounds weird as I say this I'm sure; because I've never met you. Maybe what's on TV isn't who you really are; but I've seen enough to know whatever you do I'll be there to support you. You've already captured me; and I'm as loyal as I can get. I found similarities between you and me; our actions and words and reactions as well. I've never met someone so close yet so far away. Seeing you happy now and trying your hardest gives me hope I can be the same. I did not have the best year last year and so many negative things have happened to me; more so than any year I've ever experienced, but watching you and the members have kept me up. If you can do it, so can I. Everything you do just gets me going. Whether it's a negative thing; I'll understand and just love more, because there's no such thing as a perfect being. I see myself imperfect and find a weeeeeee bit of relief in seeing even people on TV to be what we call 'imperfect' and makes mistakes just like we not on TV do, and to see your mistakes, so we can grow and learn with you. Or positive things from you, where I'll smile like a madman and my heart will just stop and just add more reasons as to why I love you.

Most confusing, Cheesiest, corniest thing I've ever written, and you've ever read ( I suppose).

Biggest of loves, Lots of hugs, Forever a fairy and Forever a Hyphen;
Twishie //sniperwish

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11 August 2013 @ 10:30 am

My Tweets (not including re-tweets) for the KAT-TUN #WeAreKATTUN Twitter Project last night; August 10 23:00 JST; 10PM PST.

My Twitter

I'm visiting Japan next year and if I am able to see all of you; concert,etc, it'll always be a memory that'll make me SMILE!!! #WeAreKATTUN

#WeAreKATTUN Keep the Faith; Fight To The Limit; and hold an unbreakable CHAIN! KAT-TUN, gambatte!! If its for u, we'll always run for you!

FOREVER CHAIN # WeAreKATTUN pic.twitter.com/mqCHwi42n9

KAT-TUN: sexy, charming, sweet, kind, hilarious and imperfectly perfect; the boys that hold my heart haha! #WeAreKATTUN #WeAreKATTUN

No words can express my love n gratitude for them <3 #WeAreKATTUN

"Never give up!! Hikaru ase no tsubu mabushii hodo it’s so beautiful Ikusen no kagayaki wo tsumi kasanete"~ DIAMOND by KAT-TUN! #WeAreKATTUN


ZUTTOHyphen;neverLOSTMYWAY If I end up back in time W/NOTICEto1582;just 0"00"16of ur time&urSWEETsmile'll keepthis KIZUNAstrong #WeAreKATTUN

IsnottheFINALEthisWIND'llbringusto ourNATSUNOBASHOwhere you'llbe singinyourLOVEMUSIC;FLASHursmilenstrike our<3withSAMURAIATTACK #WeAreKATTUN

To say you'reaPARASITE anddat I DONT MISS U isa hugelie;you're all PIERROTs thatmakemesmile; cuz of utheCHAPTER2of my lifebegan #WeAreKATTUN

Cuz of U i'm never LOST, never stuck between aRABBITORWOLF, but a BUTTERFLY who starts life ~AGAIN in this HANA NO MAU MACHI #WeAreKATTUN

You N ursongs gave meANSWERs nKEYsOFLIFE to takeeverythingSTEPBYSTEP,cuz of uSNOWFLAKESare never cold; and mylife is now a FILM #WeAreKATTUN

<3 #WeAreKATTUN <3

Let's do it again sometime Hyphens:)It was fun seein you all tweetin your love haha.Never seen so many hyphens online! #WeAreKATTUN forever!

My Twitter

Wow I tweeted so little. But hey I has curfew:| Couldn't escape it.
And YAY it was first time flooding and hashtagging :)))) Yay my first it once again KAT-TUN! (They were my first CD's and first band obsession)

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07 August 2013 @ 10:47 pm
So I've been sick a lot and ended up having to complete kabillions of tasks and HWs and projects. But during that time I must also study for one of the College Admission Tests for one of the top schools here in the Philippines...//sigh

SO yep yep. UPCAT was finished last Saturday August 3rd; mine was during 6:30AM at the Institute of Mathematics. It was freaking cold. I was seriously shivering by the second subject Science since both aircons were directed at me. At 24 degrees C. Which was the highest it could get apparently.
I was annoyed with Science, didn't understand much of ANYTHING. Math was surprisingly easy, English long, Filipino grammar and reading comprehension tougher than expected. I have no confidence I'll pass; but I will pray anyway.

Next in line are Ateneo, College of St. Benilde (CSB), University of Santo Tomas(UST) and...oh whatever. I dun wanna stress over it for now.
KAT-TUN helps me de-stress sometimes as everyday I bring my ipod, just to listen to their songs, after school.

July wasn't my best month. I got into many accidents and got sick often and cancelled one of the most awesomest gatherings I could have ever joined (Yokai Ningen Bem movie screening) QAQ Elli-sannn I'm so sorry....I got mild/starter dengue that day and couldn't contact you since my phone wasn't charged and I didn't memorize your number...then my phone chose that time to break as well as it slipped my hand since i was too weak to hold it....shet.
I have many injuries, mentally and physically; from July//sigh

I realize I seriously have bad luck. Superficial sheet; I know, but  so many things have been going wrong I just don't know how else to say it but like that. Ahhh but yes. I don't blame it. Sorta. Things happen I guess. For reasons, I suppose//bah.

But HEY! I've heard of the KAT-TUN project announced last Saturday through twitter! It spread like wildfire soon afterwards and I have become motivated to help and get as much people to help as well!
I had no idea of the rumour going on but I suspected the lack of activities as well...thank goodness for Junno who relived us all of our fear.
But it does not change the fact that they have lesser and lesser activities that it's frightening.
I've never made paper cranes before; nor have I ever sent mail to other countries; but I'm willing to try it for the sake of KAT-TUN! To let them know there are still people supporting them and loving them all the way!

HOpe to see fellow Hyphens on August 10 for the twitter project #WeAreKATTUN as well! 23:00 JST

KAT-TUN forever!!!!!!!
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13 June 2013 @ 06:11 pm
Hellooo! Happeh June!:)

Listening to R-One KAT-TUN...I'm sad it's over now...TT^TT
I've got a new phone yeyyyyyyy! My first phone change in 5 years!:))) I got my first phone at 11. Since I'm 16...this is my...2nd phone. ever.

I wanted really badly to have KT as my ringtone; so I made some using the NMP album:P Because one of their songs, HELLO, has a perfect ringtone in my opinion:))) Especially the intro/s. Then I got carried away n made ringtones out of all of em...haha.
I dunno...is that bad? :/ I hope not. Don't kill me plsssss:(
Soooo...I'm sharing it with anyone who wants...them?:)

Maru's helium voice cracks me up everytime:)) :>

pw: nmp123
NMP ringtones || MF ||
Nakamaru's Helium Voice (with members laughing in the background:)) ) || MF ||
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09 May 2013 @ 10:17 pm
Well, at least I believe it is a money crisis.
Um...actually not realllllyyyy. Maybe.

It's just the usual; I have so much I want to buy; but I don't want to spend all my money and at times it's not enough.
Needing something sure is different from wanting it *sigh*
Well, it's a lesson. M-hmm.

This picture was supposed to be posted last year October; but well, it takes up space so I'll post it here. THey were my to read books at the time and the silk screen for my custom KAT-TUN t-shirt:))

And I'm also not sure; but I think it's Yamada Ryosuke-chan's birthday today O^O !!! HAPPY 20th, RYO-CHANNNN!! I <3 U!:))


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02 May 2013 @ 09:26 pm






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13 April 2013 @ 11:24 pm
Maybe it seemed like I was tired and unfriendly, but I really had fun! I blame the dance classes I took before having to go to the gathering :/ Oh who cares now...
What I Got___Collapse )

09 April 2013 @ 11:53 pm
I'm making a calender based on KAT-TUN for 2013. Late, yez, but still! There're more months to come, bettah late than nevah x))))


//EDIT 06/12/13: Nevermind, (I"LL FIND;SOMEONE LIKE YOUUUUUUUUUU-NO.no.focus, focus) I'll be making a 2014 one instead. I'm going to give one fully printed version for the winner of my DA contest~ Lemme know if anyone's interested...
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23 February 2013 @ 10:59 pm

Happy 27th Birthday, Kame-chan~!!! <3
Being earnest in work is admirable; but please don't push yourself too much...! Bemu promo's took up half of your year in 2012; as well as shooting both Bemu and Ore Ore. Then you had KAT-TUN concerts and singles to release. More interviews, promo's, and photoshoots follow suit as well; then there's the Going! homerun project...!
The year just started and you're all busy again. EXPOSE, radio shows, music station, and starting this month the Ore Ore missions and promo's.
But, well. It's all part of Kame. The hard-working, sweet, talented, perfectly flawed man we came to know and love (and worry for)
May your year be a blessed, happy, safe one.
I also hope you will continue pleasing us; as you always have; with your innocent and knowing smile and flawed perfection <3
Happy Birthday, Kame-chan~!!!

Time flies by so fast TT_TT I remember it was last year of February that I had discovered KAT-TUN.
Ironcally; it was on the day of Kame-chan's birthday; I just didn't know it that time.

As Kame-chan's b-day gift; I made some icons~!!!! (ish) Only 4 though; since I didn't have much time and was a total newbie and perfectionist
They're around 500x400; and they're not all equal sizes; since this is my first time making icons >.>
But since LJ has a size adjust thingie for userpics anyway; I thought it'd be fine.
I hope you enjoy them!!! I'm particularly proud of the KoKame one.
Pls tell me/credit if you're going to use~

I have: JunDa, MaruDa, KoKame, & 2 KameDa (There's a black version and white version)


Download here
Comments are <3

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